Welcome to the Mapua Family Online Video and Photo Album

This website started as the private, online family photo and video album of my  immediate family, and although  it has grown to include so many other Mapuas, it is still basically for my little family.

I wanted to pass onto my children the wonderful, heart warming emotions that go along with “family”, in hopes that they pass on this legacy to their children.

Rather than keep Digital Photos and Videos in a hard drive or on CD’s/DVD’s that no one ever goes through except when the moon is blue, I decided to put all my photos and videos into this website.  This way, anyone can view them when they want to, without having to go through the hassle of hooking up the hard drives or searching through CD’s.

I enjoin you to add your pictures and videos and share them with fellow family members for everyone to enjoy and reminisce.  Just email, text or call me if you want to share your pictures and I will set it up.

Keep the memories present, keep them here.
With my youngest son Diego


You have to log in first.  Only registered family members can view the albums within this website.  Please login on the upper portion of the right navigation bar.

You can find your pictures or events you may want to see in several ways:

  1. You can search the orange menu bar for event types or you can even search by year.
  2. You can search for people by using the second menu bar.  All events or photo posts that the person is in will come up in a search results page.
  3. You can search by using the search bar.
  4. You can click on the “Latest” button on the orange menu bar to see the latest photo posts.
  5. You can search using the “Tags” which you can find on the lower portion  of the right side bar.
  6. You can look at random events that pop up in the right side bar or the footer bars.
  7. You can click on the images in the highlighted photo slider on the top of the page to see the specific highlighted event.
  8. Use the “Multi Search” Function on the upper right hand side bar.


There are a whole lot of pictures loaded here,  and in some big events, I broke them down into specific events to make them easier to go through.  However, the problem with the gallery plug in I used to display the pictures is when you advance one gallery a page, all the galleries on the page advance as well.  In some cases, some galleries have less pages than others and these will “disappear” as you advance, leaving behind the images of the galleries with more pages.  Relax, you didn’t break anything, you just have to get used to it.  Just thought you should know.

To stop viewing the enlarged gallery image, just click on the image and the enlarged pictures will disappear.

Please allow the gallery time to load before clicking on an image, otherwise, your browser will leave the page and show the single photo.  If this happens, just hit the return button on your browser and try clicking on the gallery after the page loads properly.