Fishing at Fisher’s Eco Farm Resort

July 1, 2012
Fisher’s Eco Farm, Burol Main, Cavite
Dolly and I took the kids Tilapia fishing at a nearby resort that is practically hidden from the world.  The place was moderately priced and the staff were very helpful and really nice. We started fishing with worms around 8:00 in the morning and in less than 10 seconds after the first cast, we had our first fish.  Diego was the first of the kids to catch, soon followed by Annica then Franco.  Mia finally caught her fish after some wailing and screaming after the hook up.  We brought some plain rice and had about 6 pcs. of the Tilapia cooked for lunch. This weight about 1.3 kilos – not bad. We called it a day around 4:30 pm.  At the end of the day, Diego caught the first fish, Franco caught the largest (a Red Tilapia) and Annica, by far, caught the most…… ok, so all the kids have records, Mia caught the prettiest fish. We caught around 44 fish totalling a little in excess of 7 kilos.
The place is a great place to fish with the kids.  The fish will bite from 8:00 to about 10:00 am and then start biting again around 3:00 pm onwards. Heaviest fishing is in the morning.  So during the lull in the fishing action, the kids can swim in the resort pools and go back to fish in the afternoon.  I am certainly going to do that next time I go!   


Initial Scout Around Information
Person in Charge on Fishing: Dingdong Cadilino
Entrance Fee: PhP 100.00 per head – Includes Swimming and Fishin.  The resort will provide worms and pellets for bait/chum
Cost for Catch:  PhP 150.00 per kilo, no catch and release (some fish end up dying because of wounds)
Cooking Cost:  PhP 35.00 per kilo
Cottage Rental:  PhP 300.00 for small  PhP 1,000.00 for big
Schedule:  Open Friday to Sunday only starting 8:00 am:  Fishing is allowed 8:00 am to 4:oo pm
Food:  They only sell chichiria, so you have to bring your own food.  Some drinks are available there.
Location:  About 35 minutes from Alabang
Comments:  3 kinds of Tilapia (black, white, red) in the range of close to a kilo per fish, some Dalag, Hito and Lung Fish.  It is also a good safe place to take the kids fishing.  Bring sports seats to sit while fishing and lots of Off insect repellant.
Taken June 26, 2012

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  1. cherry cherry says:

    Thanks for sharing the nice pics of your family-fishing day, complete with price list and options for activities! Good reporting, Mike. I wonder lang why the water is so brown….it does not look too inviting. the swimming pool, on the other hand, looks like a nice place to hang out in!

    Like mama, I love tilapia, specially fried, and eaten with steaming hot rice, tomatoes with bagoong! Yum! Tell Mia that next time she goes fishing, she won’t be scared because now, she knows what to expect. Maybe one day, she will go deep sea fishing like Tita Pat Osias did! You just never know!

  2. mikemapua says:

    The water is brown because it had just rained so there was a lot of silt in the water. That settles down when the weather is good. I also do some fishing at the Orchard Golf Club where I was told that fishing is better when the water is murky because the fish are hungry because it is harder for them to see their food. Interesting…

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