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Fishing in Orchard


August 20, 2012 Orchard Golf and Country Club   I took Mia and Annica fishing at my secret fishing hole at the Orchard Golf and Country Club.  I was supposed to take them two weeks ago but the weather has

Round 2 at Fisher’s Eco Farm Resort


July 15, 2012 Fisher’s Eco Farm, Burol Main, Cavite   We decided to all go back to Fisher’s Eco Farm for more Tilapia fishing, but this time, we brought along Rowena and Iza.  The night before we went fishing, I

Fishing at Fisher’s Eco Farm Resort


July 1, 2012 Fisher’s Eco Farm, Burol Main, Cavite   Dolly and I took the kids Tilapia fishing at a nearby resort that is practically hidden from the world.  The place was moderately priced and the staff were very helpful and really nice. We

Hawaii-LA Cruise-Vacation 2002 – Part 1 – Hawaii


April-May 2002 Hawaii                         Due to the volume of pictures, I had to break up the photos of this trip into segments: To See the Hawaiian Cruise Part of this trip, Click

Hawaii Vacation 1999


Circa April to May 1999 Hawaii -Big Island, Oahu     On the Way to the States via Kansai Airport, Japan     Hawaii Big Island Flower Store     Kilauea     Hawaii Big Island Lava Tours